Project Description

The Sights on Rt 8 Parkway Lane / Woolwine Highway
  • Floyd County Tourism

  • Express Market (1 mile South on US 221)

  • Oddfellows

  • Blue Ridge Cafe

  • Floyd General Store

  • Hotel Floyd

  • Dogtown Pizza

  • Red Rooster Coffee

  • Jacksonville Center

  • June Bug Center

  • Blue Ridge Yurt

  • Tuggles Gap

  • Wades Orchard

  • Orchard View 7 Day Food Market

The Sights on Rt 40 Charity Highway/ Franklin St.
  • DeHart Park

  • A&A Market Crossroads

  • Blue Ridge Institute

  • Ferrum College

  • BB&T

  • Dollar General

  • Dairy Queen

  • Franklin County Tourism (located 10 miles East in Rocky Mount)

  • Ferrum Minute Market

Bootleggers Run

Located in the heart of moonshine country, Bootleggers Run traverse’s roads hand-picked by fans of tight turns. Extending from Floyd to Ferrum, this 30-mile section contains more than 100 curves. The run begins in the quaint town of Floyd then passes near the summit of Rocky Knob, before winding down the mountainside via Woolwine Highway. The final portion of Bootleggers Run takes riders along Route 40 through the hills of Patrick and Franklin County, an area steeped in moonshine heritage. As the highlight of the Jagged Edge, Bootleggers Run encompasses everything riders love about curvy mountain roads. So tighten up your chin straps and hang on.

  • 29.6 Miles
  • 115 Curves
  • 1,637 ft. elevation change
Map the Loop on Rever